.: This car is his living .:
.: This car is his life :.
Early morning on a freezing cold but bright day and already two men are standing on a patch of gound next to a small Oxfordshire airfield – one to deliver a verdict that could change the other’s life forever.

Olevi Doctrove has already made history – as Britain’s first black rally driver and as a member of the world’s only all-black motor racing team – Roots Racing – a sort of Cool Runnings on four wheels (remember that film about Jamaica’s bob sleigh team?). The ‘Fasta Rasta’ is preparing to swap his day job as a taxi driver for his life’s passion – motor racing.

But first, he has to prove his worth on the track. A winter spent trying to raise sponsorship money has left Olevi with a lot of catching up to do. He is not complacent, even though he made sporting headlines, finishing fourth in one of his first ever rally outings. Now, Olevi is putting his faith in a respected rally driving trainer whom he hopes will be able to give him the edge to compete with Britain’s best.

Not content with his attempt to race cars for a living, Olevi is busy dealing with the UK’s Patent Office. He has invented a gear change unit that could change the way we all change gear. Large, established companies have already tried to get their hands on his invention for a pittance and his search for suitable backing for his invention continues.

Olevi Doctrove and his Roots Racing partner, Sam Collins, who is vying to become Britain’s first black driver to compete in the World Rally Championships, are also trying to change the lives of people around them. They are in the process of devising a Youth Into Motorsport scheme. It is aimed squarely at getting young people into racing safely in the London area from where the two drivers hail.

This multi-threaded programme(s?) is a compelling story of hard work, conviction and discipline of the changing life of Olevi Doctrove and those around him. Oh, and there are funny bits too.
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Even Jeremy Clarkson has something to say about Olevi Doctrove



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Rally driving instructor and trainer Mike Watson gives his verdict on Olevi's progress
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